Our Story

FIERCE BOWS® was established from a need for high quality reasonably priced cheer bows for All Star, school and Recreational cheerleaders.  We began by making bows for ourselves, then for friends, and as the word spread, for local gyms.  Before we knew it, our hobby had grown into a business and FIERCE BOWS® was launched on Nov 23rd, 2012.  To date over 750,000 bows have found new happy owners in 12 countries!  FIERCE BOWS® has been online in the Etsy market for over 6 years and has completed over 68,000 transactions with a five out of five star rating. Whether you are looking for a single bow or enough for your gym or Pro Shop, let us show you why FIERCE BOWS® will be your new single source for bows.


We offer products at all price points, all with  amazing quality and originality in design, fast turnaround times and excellent customer service. Expert creative services and color matching for your uniforms, practice wear or t shirts is also available. While our focus is cheerleading, we also offer bows for all female athletes including softball, dance, soccer, volleyball and track


As Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com said "A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.  You earn a reputation by doing hard things well".  This quote is what FIERCE BOWS® is all about.  Looking for a custom bow for yourself, your team or your gym...look no further than FIERCE BOWS®.  Whether it's for a special event, just for fun or for your next competition, we would love to work with you to design the perfect bow!!   From sublimation and sequins to rhinestones, FIERCE BOWS® is your go to shop!