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Pro Shop Program

Want to make some extra money for your gym? We make it easy! We work with you to select designs that perfectly fit your gym. From simple practice bows to loads of rhinestones, we have exactly what you need to boost your pro shop.

Pro shop packages can be purchased in quantities of 25/50/75/100/100+. We recommend for those who are unsure of purchasing a pro shop package to start with a set of 25. This is a good start also for those who are beginning to open their pro shop. There is no restriction to the styles, designs, or patterns you choose! We also can select a variety of bows for you if you are not sure what you're looking for.

If you are interested in purchasing FIERCE BOWS® to resell in your Pro Shop, please fill out a contact form.  Include in your email your gym size, location, quantity desired, time frame, and any other pertinent information.  We have several Pro Shop programs available to meet your needs as well as Private Label Branding.

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